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A Change of Seasons by Jennifer Archer

"Jennifer Archer has quickly become one of my favorite

authors with her realistic storylines, likeable characters, and meaningful messages.

A Change of Seasons is another win!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

A Change of Seasons by Jennifer Archer

When life takes you on an unexpected path, finding you way can be hard!

When Cecilia's husband, Bert, decided he wanted a different life, it threw Cecilia into a tailspin. Bert and the 22-year-old neighbor? What??

Now, Cecilia is trying to start over. She, her daughter, Erin, and her mother, Belle, are all living in Cecilia's home.

Erin: (daughter) honor student, never in trouble, musically gifted, always listens to her mother.

Belle: (grandmother) widowed, spunky, some issues with vision, great cook, used to live at a retirement home

Cecilia: sandwiched in-between, recently divorced, a psychologist, lacking self-esteem, soothing herself with food.

Cecilia is having so many doubts about herself-and seeing Bert with women – GIRLS — around their daughter's age doesn't help. She feels inadequate in her job, is fighting with Erin, and found something in her mom's belongings that she wishes she hadn't!

One thing she enjoys is book club at the retirement home where her mom, Belle, used to live. When the sleepy book they were reading finally ends, Cecilia decides to make book club fun again by reading Penelope's Passion. Group enrollment increased and the group was having fun again! children of the residents are angry about the book choice. The older generation has started to pair up and their kids are not happy. Soon, Cecilia finds herself dealing with a lawsuit!

And...Erin is dating...GRR. And, her she dating, too?

Cecilia feels her world is falling apart. But is it falling apart-or just changing to something new?

Great book! I always reading Jennifer Archer's books, they are like having coffee with a friend and catching up on life. Great author, you know her books will be great without even reading the back cover!

Thank you to BookSirens for sending me A Change of Seasons to read and review!

This book review contains an affiliate link. Of you make a purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you!


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