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A Simple Favor – by Darcey Bell

A Simple Favor – by Darcey Bell

A Simple Favor – by Darcey Bell

I listened to A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell as an Audio Book that I borrowed through our local public library. This book is also a movie! I can’t wait to watch it! There were a couple of times in this book that I had to back up and listen to again…I think when you get to one part in particular, you’ll know what I mean. I had to stop and ask myself if I heard that part right…um, yes, I had. I liked this book, it held my interest and I was curious how it would all come together. I liked the format of how this book was written. Integrity was not a strong suit of any of the three adult main characters. Has anyone else read this? I’d love to hear what you think of the book! 4 stars-Janell

A Simple Favor centers around three main characters. Stephanie, a Mommy Blogger and stay at home Mom, that is completely devoted to her only child. Her husband passed away and she does everything she can to be an amazing Mom. Her blog has a good sized following and she blogs about a wide range of topics. Her blog followers have become her friends, as she’s found its very hard to make real Mom friends in the community where they live.

Stephanie meets Emily at their kids Elementary School, and because their kids are friends, they naturally become really good friends, too, even through they are very different! Emily has an amazing job working for a top Fashion Designer. She wears designer clothes, travels and wines and dines clients. To top it all off, she’s beautiful and always looks incredible. Nicky and Miles, their boys, are the best of friends and the two Mom’s start to spend time to gather whenever they can. The boys love getting to have playdates, while the Mom’s drink wine, gossip and share secrets. Emily is married to Sean, who travels a lot for work, so the Moms and kids are together a lot, sharing their lives. Stephanie is so happy to have a new friend.

When Emily gets in touch with Stephanie that she needs a simple favor, Stephanie is happy to help her out! That is what friends do. All she asked was if Stephanie could have both boys at her house after school until she could get there. The problem is that Emily never made it to her house that night, or the next day, or the next. What has happened to Emily? Soon, Stephanie reaches out to her Blog community to try to find her missing friend. So any twists and turns in this book-I don’t want to give anything away!!

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