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“Abercrombie Trail” by Candace Simar

Abercrombie Trail

Abercrombie Trail by Candace Simar is a Historical Fiction book that has something every reader will enjoy! Suspense, mystery, and love are all in this book, along with a writing style that flows easily as you read. This book drew me in when reading the first chapter! A book that a reader of every genre will enjoy! “Abercrombie Trail” has so many great characters in it, each with a fabulous story!” – Green Gables Book Reviews

“Abercrombie Trail” begins with main character, Evan Jacobson making the journey by boat from Norway to America. This book is a wonderful, seemingly accurate account of his journey and his time spent traveling to Minnesota, and all of Evan’s encounters along the way. Some with devastating results, making Evan question his decision.

Upon reaching Minnesota, he eventually becomes a stagecoach driver across frontier Minnesota, as the South is beginning to erupt with the Civil War. He has friends along his stagecoach route at his planned stops that he cares about deeply. Some have become like family. These relationships are all he has, as he is without family of is own in Minnesota. When he is at these planned stops, his team is cared for and replaced by a fresh team, he is fed a warm meal, tries his best to learn English, and, if it’s night time, a place to sleep. These people are all dear to him.

Evan has also made friends at the Forts he travels between, Fort Snelling and Fort Abercrombie. The people in command rely on him to deliver messages between the two places as he is on his route.

When he hears of the Sioux Uprising of 1862, Evan is in disbelief, but he sees and hears things to make him know this is real. While he is almost at Fort Snelling, he turns back and runs his route back to Fort Abercrombie, to warn his friends of the attacks and for them to find safety. He’s disheartened by some of the things he sees. He brings several people back with him to Fort Abercrombie, who have lost everything and are in need of safety. Evan also finds something along the way he has been looking for and while it belongs to another, he will do all he can to offer his protection. The people at the Fort work together with limited food and supplies to battle 500 Sioux, while hoping reinforcements will come.

Will help arrive in time to save them from the battle?

Absolutely 5 stars, so well done!

I’m so looking forward to reading Book 2, “Pomme De Terre” by Candace Simar

  1. Series: Abercrombie Trail (Book 1)

  2. Paperback: 285 pages

  3. Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud; 1 edition (May 1, 2009)

  4. Language: English

  5. ISBN-10: 0878393196

  6. ISBN-13: 978-0878393190

You can order your copy here, from Amazon! I may earn a commission from this purchase, thank you!

Thank you to Author Candace Simar and Krista Soukup at Blue Cottage Agency for sending “Abercrombie Trail” to me to read and review!


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