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All About Evie by Cathy Lamb

“All About Evie” … so much love in this book! An Island where everyone watches out for each other, small-town love…also, deep passionate love, but Evie cannot act on that love because of her lifelong premonitions. She can’t risk it because of what she’s seen and knows will happen. She’s saved so many, now can she save herself? I want to read more from Cathy Lamb! 5 stars! – Green Gables Book Reviews

Evie has so many wonderful things in her life! She has her Mom and her free spirited Aunts that she loves so much. She has her soon-to-be-a-bride sister, Jules, she has her animals, and (swoon) their Vet, Marco, and the love of people in her town. She has her dream bookstore and is very successful. She is everyone’s friend.

Evie also has premonitions. These premonitions are something she has had since she was a child and she has saved many people from harm. Some of these times were big events, like running into the street to save a child from oncoming traffic, others were things no one knew she had a part in, like slashing bike tires to save someone from having a bike accident that day. Unfortunately, Evie has had two premonitions that have been with her for a long time. And, they haven’t happened yet. One of them has caused her life to be altered to save someone she loves and the other…she hates to even think about.

Evie’s sister, Jules, is so in love and so excited about her upcoming wedding, that her enthusiasm is contagious! So, when she comes with DNA tests, to find out more about their family’s past, what’s the big deal, right? Why are her Mom and Aunts acting so strange? When Evie’s results come back, everything starts to make sense, but nothing makes sense. What does this all mean and can she finally deal with the premonitions she’s had her whole life and the one’s she’s been waiting to happen?

5 stars!

Release Date-October 29, 2019

Versions-Currently Kindle and Paperback

Pages-400 pages

Published by Kensington Publishing

ISBN-10: 1496709853

ISBN-13: 978-1496709851

“All About Evie” by Cathy Lamb available October 29. Pre-order now!

As An Amazon Associate, I may receive a commission from this purchase. Thank you!


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