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All the Broken Pieces – by Mia Hayes

All the Broken Pieces – by Mia Hayes

All the Broken Pieces – by Mia Hayes

All the Broken Pieces by Mia Hayes is a really easy read-It is Book 2 in the Waterford Series. I read Book 1, The Secrets We Keep earlier this year. It, too, was an easy read. The books focus on relationships we have in the communities we live in..the friendships, the rivalries, the parents at school-the pick-ups and drop-offs at school and the difficulties of all of it! All the Broken Pieces pick up where the Secrets We Keep left off-I really enjoyed this light hearted, easy read. The author Mia Hayes has a fun Facebook group, too-with lots of author information and fun updates! By the way-Book 3, Picture Perfect Lies, comes out later this month!-5 stars for All the Broken Pieces~Janell

Ellison is starting over. Her husband-oops, recent ex-husband, is now living in her old house, in her old neighborhood, with her old friends, with his soon to be wife-even though they’ve only been officially divorced for a few weeks.

Ellison now has to share her boys time with him and is struggling that he had an affair and left her, and now he’s having another baby-already! Wow-how do you keep it all together? Ellison had everything – the most gorgeous husband, a big group of friends, the best house, and the top status among her friends. And, now? She’s living in a town nearby, her boys are starting at a new school and she’s trying to rebuild her career as a real estate agent. Thankfully she still has one friend, Andi.

Andi has stuck by her side through everything. Andi is her go to and her best friend. Andi lives life to the fullest and encourages Ellison to go out and have a great time. Ellison meets someone and doesn’t think she’ll ever see him again. But, then she does…on the first day of school… Ellison can’t believe it and is so embarrassed.. wait! Is he her sons teacher?!

A great, quick read! Let me know if you’ve read it!

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