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"Always Keep Learning" they say...

First, who are they? I have never figured that out.

BUT! I feel like I am learning. About myself. All... The... Time.

For those of you who know a bit about my background from 2020-I'm not the same as I was pre-2020.

Someday, I will tell that whole story (I have started writing my book). I hope I have the courage to publish it one day. Maybe it will free me once I tell you what happened in our classroom that day and the physical and emotional agony that followed...But a quick overview for now-I was injured in my classroom. A TBI. It took over two years and 400 plus Dr/therapy appointments to be who I am now. I will FOREVER be grateful to Steve, Grant, Caitin, Cal, Krista, Jenny, Lori, and Jackie (and my parents and sibling for loving me anyway through it all...) and so many others who kept me in their thoughts, prayers, checked in, and simply cared.

Me! 2018'ish in Utah


For now - this is my blog idea for 2023. "What did I learn this week?"

So, LAST WEEK... My (amazing, wonderful, awesome) husband and I were on an airplane that kept getting delayed. I, of course, kept getting more and MORE stressed as we sat on the runway. My amazing husband kept saying, "It will be ok!" ME? Concerned/stressed/worried. As concerned/stressed/worried as pre-2020? No. My emotions are not yet normal and might never be. Perhaps that is a good thing in a situation like this one (and many other situations).

So what happened, and what did I learn?

Well-we missed our connecting flight for our 2 1/2 week vacation.

What did I learn? It was ok! Our airline rebooked us before we even landed. Was it perfect? No. Was it the original plan? No. Was it still ok, though? YES! YEs! Yes!! (Thank you, Delta!)

So-the lesson. I HAVE to learn that when things are out of my control (such as airline delays due to weather) I need to let go. I have to stop trying to control. What will happen will happen.

Oh, how I hope I can learn this.

However, I am thankful that due to my injury, my emotions are duller than before, making it much easier to cope with stress.

I'm starting to think that life takes us where we are meant to go ... can that be?

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Jan 12, 2023

First of all I am so proud of you and how far you have come. This work isn't easy and can sometimes be stressful in itself. I would love to read your book, when (yes I said when) you write it. It takes a village for raising our children and I think it takes the same village to care for us as well. Hugs, love and prayers always.

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