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“An Eye For an Eye” by Mark C. Jackson

An Eye For An Eye is a well-written 1800s action/adventure book.

An Eye For An Eye by Mark C. Jackson

In the 1800s, life was not easy, and men worked hard to make a living. Brothers Jonathan and Zebadiah Creed were fur trappers. Jonathan had a family to support, and the Creed brothers worked together trapping. There was danger. Not only from their prey but also from animals and other men.

They knew trouble had met them when men came into their camp. The men stole the furs Jonathan and Zeb had worked hard to get, and then the thieves tied them to a tree. They killed Jonathan, and Zeb was left to die.

Zeb wakes up later in a small cabin. Badly hurt, a man and daughter are caring for Zeb. His injuries are painful, and he is also suffering from the grief of his brother’s murder. The daughter, Anna, and Zeb begin to feel an attraction to each other. When he is stronger, Anna takes him to Jonathan’s burial site so Zeb can say goodbye to him.

Anna feels lonely and very upset when Zeb decides it is time to leave and seek revenge for his brother’s death. He knows the men that are responsible, and he will do everything he can to find them.

An Eye For An Eye is a well-written 1800s action/adventure book. It recounts Zebadiah’s journey along the Mississippi River and his experiences as a fur trader who needs to handle his justice. I’m looking forward to book two, The Great Texas Dance. Readers who enjoy history, a bit of old west roughness, justice by someone’s own methods, and about someone who will do anything to make things right, will enjoy An Eye For An Eye.

Read more about book two, The Great Texas Dance, here.


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