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Angels of Light by P. B. Lamb

Read Angels of Light before book two arrives!


Try to get your hands on this book right away! Book 2 will be coming out this spring.

P.B. Lamb released this book in November and my prediction is that her work in progress is going to be great! Her writing style is easy to read, conversational, and very engaging. The storyline is different than anything I have read before. And I loved it! There is mystery, a bit of romance, and a lot of emotions going on between the different characters in the book.

After Jessica finds her mother dead in her bathroom, not only is she grieving but she also finds out that things she has known about her life are not many secrets were kept from her. Some things begin to make sense as she hears about the secrets.

Jessica is also now the guardian for her younger sister. At age 20, the last thing her sister wants is a guardian and Jax is battling with her own emotions. Jessica knows with the path Jax is on she could easily be led astray. It is like Jax is fighting her own internal battle between good and evil.

When their brother James comes to Jessica's house one evening, along with his friend Christian things seem to change in their world. Neither Jessica or Jax know why but they do not feel good about Christian. All too soon, they realize why they don't like Christian-and it gets even worse.

Toss in some romance, some fantasy, some legal issues and you've got a really great book!

Want to buy it? Check out your local bookstore to go to It's also available through online retailers.

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Learn more at, @pblamb_author and @P.B.Lamb, author


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