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Back to Grandmom by Jessica D. Adams

Author Jessica D. Adams has written a vaiety of childrens books and many have coloring pages activity pages to accompany them! See more on Instagram @theundergroundtoysociety

Back to Grandmom by Jessica D. Adams

Janiece and Janelle are arguing!

Janelle wants to go back in time again to see Grandmom and Janiece doesn't want to. She doesn't want to go back to the 90's where there are no computers or cell phones!

But, Janelle has so many questions she wants to ask Grandmom that she didn't ask her the last time they traveled through time to her house. The girls start to argue and then! They are there! Back with Grandmom! They love the warm and cozy feeling of being with her. But then, they realize they have to get back before someone figures out they are not who they think! But do they know how to get back?

Another fun addition to the Jessica D. Adams set of books!

Thank you to the author for provoding me with this book to read and review.


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