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Better Believe It by Fern Ronay

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Better Believe It by Fern Ronay

On the outside looking in, Jada has a perfect life! Dream job, gorgeous husband, beautiful child, and an exquisite home. But, as Jada’s thoughts lead the reader through the book, we find out she is easily annoyed by people at her job, her husband and her child, jealous of her younger sister, and she’s decided she wants a divorce.

Jada feels she can justify all of her thoughts, people at work are incompetent, her husband doesn’t really talk to her, she needs some off-duty Mommy time…

When Jada sleeps, advice comes her way from loved ones who have passed on; her grandparents and her cousin, Gina. She treasures these moments with them as they try to guide her. But does she listen?

Jada is thrilled when she gets a chance to go on a work trip. Time alone as an adult, no one asking her to do anything for them, room service. She can’t wait! To her surprise, grown-up time may be more than she thought it would be when she sees someone from her past. Can seeing one person lead to a multitude of changes in your life?

"GREAT book, QUICK read, KEEPS you interested. You won't agree with some of Jada's choices, but you'll get a few laughs and eye rolls!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

I was given Better Believe It to read and review. Thank you!

This post contains an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission from your purchase.


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