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“Beyond the Thrill” by Katarina Mayer

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Beyond the Thrill by Katarina Mayer

Three friends set themselves up for an unknowingly dangerous weekend when one makes a quick decision and another makes a decision based on worry in Beyond the Thrill by Katarina Mayer, book 2 in The Happiness and Other Chores series.

“Three women, three secrets, three lives in danger. Can they escape the danger or will it keep following them?-Green Gables Book Reviews

Laura is recently back together with her husband Robert, and they are trying to make things work. But, Robert spoiled the morning with questions Laura doesn’t know how to answer. She wishes she did. Laura forgets her cell phone when she goes to her parent’s old house to pick up the last of what she wanted to be saved from their antique collection. She is astounded to find one of the main items she wanted to be held back from the sale is missing.

Val is out walking in the rain to take up time during another day in her boring life. Her husband doesn’t think with their status in the community, she should work. And, since she and her friends gave up their secret gambling life, she is more bored than she has ever been. She needs a project, just something to fill the endless hours in the day. When Val sees a speeding car zoom past and recognizes her friend Laura in the passenger seat, she tries to figure out was driving. She knew it wasn’t Laura’s husband, Robert. When phone calls to Laura go unanswered, Val becomes concerned and leaves to try to find Laura.

Hannah is a bit annoyed by her unexpected guest, Val, who is looking for their friend, Laura. Hannah is tired from her recent international travel, doesn’t have time for the interruption, and cannot change her weekend plans. Her lifestyle literally will not allow it. When all three women end up at a social function, confusion comes into play. Val has no idea why they are there or who these people are, but Hannah’s… boyfriend?…gentleman friend?…insisted she joined them. Hannah is making the social rounds, and when Laura walks in, she is introduced by a different name, and Val and Hannah don’t know what to think. They are also confused about the person by her side. Why is Laura with, oh no, is it HIM?

Trust issues from their past life together (book 1) cause some problems and each woman has something happening in her own life that she doesn’t want the others to know. Hannah wants to keep her private life very private from Val and Laura. Laura somehow has to explain everything that is going on that caused this situation, and Val is always on her phone. But, there is danger lurking and coming from different angles.

Can they save each other, or will the danger continue to follow them? And who are they in danger from?

Beyond the Thrill by Katarina Mayer is available for pre-order! Order it now and it will be on your Kindle on October 20! Currently, $2.99 (price may change, $2.99 at the time of this post). But!!! If you want to start reading now, read Book 1, Gambling Wives (recommended) also currently $2.99 or read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription!

I received this book from the author to read and review. Thank you for trusting Green Gables Book Reviews with your words!


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