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Canaries Among Us by Kayla Taylor

We've all felt our hearts break when our kids are hurting. How much can one child and her family take?

In the book, they get a puppy. Here is our puppy, 10-month-old Winston.

He's my reading buddy. He gives Canaries Among Us FIVE PUPPY KISSES.

A school where everyone wants their kids to go, with high values and the pitch every parent wants to hear. A dream that your child gets to go there, you can be involved, and the other mom's become your friend group. It is the best! Happy kids, happy husband, happy home.

Until your young daughter starts to be quiet on the rides home, she starts to be more emotional, she is putting her hair in her mouth, and she isn't herself. You're doing everything to help. But your sweet girl is being bullied. The teacher has confirmed it. The principal makes light of it. She continues to shrink as you continue to fight for her to be left alone.

You are consumed by this WRONG. This behavior that has become part of your family's life, torturing your sensitive daughter and overtaking your family. Where do parents turn when no one who can help will?

Kayla Taylor (pseudonym) has written a phenomenal book. It is real; it is sad and will make you hurt. It will make you feel things you might not like feeling. But, unfortunately, it has become a reality in schools, in neighborhoods, in our lives. BULLYING. Destroying self-esteem and causing pain, and being allowed.

This book documents the family's journey before, the painful during, and the hopeful after.

"Highly recommended. I hope you'll give this book your attention. It deserves to be read."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Thank you to GetRed PR for this book to read and review.


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