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Chasing the Blue Sky – by Will Lowrey

“Chasing the Blue Sky ” by Will Lowrey, reviewed by Green Gables Book Reviews

Sometimes, you find something that makes you remember that life is bigger than your day to day world. This is the book that will cause you to pause and make you remember, there are bigger things than you in this world, that are important, too. –Green Gables Book Reviews

Toby is a dog that is loved by his family. He still remembers the day they came and he met them for the first time. He remembers how hesitant he felt, leaving his Mother behind, in poor conditions and attached to her thick chain. He knew he would never see is Mother again, but he thought about her from time to time, and he loved her. He also loved his family! There was the little boy (Toby loved him the best) and the girl , then Sandra and Peter. They had a lot of fun together, playing and being a family.

Things started to gradually change and Toby was finding himself more and more often alone, outside. Sometimes, this family that he loves, even forgot to feed him!

One day, Toby is very excited when he sees Peter come to the yard with a leash in his hand! He was going to take him on a walk! But, they did not go far, just to the car. Why is everyone crying and sad?

The next thing Toby knows, he is in a very strange place. There are so many smells-too many smells-and it is cold. Toby does not like it here. Wait! Where is Peter going? What is happening?

This book does a fabulous job of documenting Toby’s life in the County Kennel, where staff works hard to get him adopted. They are beautiful people who treat Toby and all of the dogs with love and kindness, with one even taking Toby home. But, can it last?

Well done! An easy, very enjoyable book to read.

If you would like a copy of “Chasing the Blue Sky” you can buy it here from Amazon!

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