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Come Back Tomorrow by Amy Argent

Tori and Jenny are best friends and work at the same hospital. It’s a treat when they run into each other and they try to make time for lunch or dinner to keep up with each other’s busy lives. When Jenny knocks on Tori’s office door one afternoon, neither of them would have ever guessed how much Tori’s life was about to change!

Jenny is a nurse and she has a patient that needs Tori’s help. Tori is a psychologist, but that’s not why Jenny is there. Tori decided a while back to be available for terminal patients that are alone. She spends time with them, is their friend and someone to talk with, or just to hang out with. She just doesn’t want anyone who is dying to feel alone.

When Tori first meets Will, the first thing she sees is that he’s gorgeous! And, around her age. Usually the people she helps in this way are older. She doesn’t know much about his condition, because Jenny can’t tell her, but she knows he’s on a tough path. It isn’t easy, but Will and Tori eventually form a bond. She sees him through several health crises and he helps her, too, after an especially hard work situation. They both start to look forward to their daily time together. Is more developing between them than just friendship? Can Tori find out more from him about his diagnosis? Why is he in the hospital alone? Tori wants him to find peace and wants to help him however she can, but will peace or more pain walk through the door? And, can Tori say what she needs to before Will makes a big medical decision?

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Come Back Tomorrow is a great book! Easy to read with dialogue that felt real. A very emotional book by Amy Argent.”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Janell from Books and Pens on Green Gables said-"My favorite person? Jenny. Awesome nurse, and a great friend that had to keep boundaries in place when she wanted Tori to know everything so badly. Strong emotionally, but so caring. Quick to respond in crisis and tough, too. Definitely my favorite, even though she had more of a minor role."

Whatever Tomorrow Brings, the second book of the story by Amy Argent, is also available!


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