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“Cousin Ozzy and the Light Charms of Oasis” – Written by Tsila Glidai and Illustra

Tell Me a Story Grandma Glee-Cousin Ozzy and the Light Charms of Oasis” Written by Tsila Glidai and Illustrated by Ranodhya Dhanajanee

Sapphire loves spending time with her Grandma Glee! Grandma Glee always has a story to share with Sapphire. One day, Sapphire is sad after school, her friends don’t want to play with her anymore. Grandma Glee has a story for her. Grandma Glee tells Sapphire about Cousin Ozzy. In the land called Oasis, everyone wore special bracelets. The bracelets would light up in different colors to let people know how their friends were feeling.

When Ozzy’s bracelet stops working, he gets upset by things his friends are doing. But, he doesn’t have his bracelet to let his friends know how he feels. What should Ozzy do?

Through the story about Ozzy, Grandma Glee helps Sapphire to learn what she needs to do! When Sapphire goes to bed she practices what to say to her friends the next day!

“Cousin Ozzy and the Light Charms of Oasis” is a great book about communication explained in a colorful, fun book. Your kids will want to read it again and again!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

  1. Publication Date: August 1, 2018

  2. Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

  3. Language: English

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