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Crickets by Lee Chappel

Crickets is a book that makes you think twice about the sounds you hear when you’re alone. Are scratches on the window just a branch? Is there something watching you in the dark woods? You’ll never think about the quiet, darkness of night in the same way.”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Kara Peterson left home years ago after high school and after she was raped at a party. Only a few people believed her. Her dad was the sheriff, and the person she accused was from an influential family. When Kara left, she didn’t come back. Her friend from town, Brent, would go and see her sometimes. He and his mom were her only connection to the town. Her own mom had died from cancer, and now her dad was dead, too. She was going to have to go back.

Detective Sam Ellis, fairly new to town, is still getting to know everyone. Her friend, Cody, helps her learn who’s who. One thing Sam has decided after hearing about Kara is that she believes her. She’s done some looking into her case. Some protocols weren’t followed. Sam wonders why.

When Kara gets back to her dad’s place to start the long process of getting it ready to sell, she is flooded with memories. Some are terrifying, like reliving the night she was attacked. Seeing the clock, hearing sounds. Kara starts to believe she is going crazy when she hears scratching on the windows and crickets outside that just keep getting louder. She knows no one would ever believe her. Maybe she is going crazy.

Her friend, Brent’s mom, Bev, keeps bringing Kara food to eat. Bev is worried about her, she’s getting too thin, and her memories are at the surface. Kara and Brent spend evenings together to keep her brain occupied.

When a chance encounter leads to Kara needing medical attention, Detective Sam becomes even more interested in Kara’s past case. She begins to wonder if Kara is safe in her dad’s house. When Kara finally reveals more to Sam, things take another turn and lead to a secret Brent won’t like.

Is Kara safe? Why wasn’t her case investigated? Who is terrorizing her?

I was given an early copy of Crickets by Lee Chappel to read and review. Thank you!

This review contains an affiliate link. If you purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you.


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