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Curtain Call: A Memoir – by Lyneta Smith

Who can you turn to when you feel invisible and you’re so lonely, even in a crowd? Lyneta Smith bravely shares her painful journey of feeling like she wanted to be anyone except herself to feeling like she belonged to God, who invited her to trust Him with her story. Beautifully written, with open sharing about past hurts and the only healing that could save her.-Green Gables Book Reviews

Lyneta is broken, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. She wears her stage face, her smile, he determination to be the best, to be needed, wanted….She cannot let herself have too much time to think, there are too many memories that filter in. Memories, pain, rejection, fear. Where was support and unconditional love for her when she was a child? Where was a peaceful, safe home? Was she bad? Was God the Policeman, always watching for if she deserved to get into Heaven or not? Couldn’t she just stay in bed? Getting out the door takes all of the energy Lyneta can give.

Her husband is worried. She’s not doing well. She doesn’t want to share her past, her secrets, her brokenness. She can’t connect with people, even through they try.

Then, on an ordinary day, things change. Bit by bit, Lyneta gains hope. A bit of confidence. Maybe she can get through this. Her perspective starts to shift. Maybe she will be ok?

A beautiful book of a Woman’s true childhood pain, that she struggles to put into perspective as an Adult. A brave sharing of a hard story. Beautifully done.

5 stars.

Green Gables Book Reviews

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Get your copy of “Curtain Call” by Lyneta Smith here!

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