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Daisy Has Autism – by Aaron J. Wright

This is a book that caught my eye several months ago. First, the cover alone is eye catching, but then the title?! So, clear. I knew immediately I not only wanted, but NEEDED to read this book. My “real job” is working as a Teachers Assistant in a classroom with Special Education students. This book, is a must read! Even though, I’m not a part of the IEP process, I am a part of making sure we follow IEP’s. The difficulties this family had to face and the hoops they had to jump through to get an appropriate education for their daughter is astounding! A must read for educators! Very well written, flows well, read it in a day. Hoping this Author writes many more books!~Janell @ Green Gables Book Reviews

Daisy Has Autism by Aaron J. Wright is book that educators everywhere should read. It is about the Russell family, Arthur, Annie, Charlie, Magda and Daisy. They’re a young family, making their way in the world with young kids and their family pet. They soon find themselves running with Daisy, who needs these runs to get through each day, and meeting many new people that are guides for them in the world of Special Education. As Kindergarten approaches, they are astounded by the choices of their local school district, who will not take anything but their own testing into consideration and have to fight for an appropriate education for their child, They discover that the friendships they have developed through the years run deep and several friends go out of their way to help them. Their disappointment with inappropriate ways the school district handles testing practices is valid and confirmed through different resources. This is truly a battle no family should have to face. High praise for this family for doing what was right, even when it was incredibly hard!

If you’re an Educator, read this book! Don’t let anything like this happen in your school district!

Use this link to purchase “Daisy Has Autism”.

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