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Desserts, Iguanas, and Overpacking

Oh, the things we can learn! Even on vacation.

Why is it that at home, it is so easy to resist dessert? At our house, it's just something we don't often make, thus avoided. We snack...but an actual dessert is rare. However, in The Keys, Buttercake and Strawberries, WAY TOO MUCH Key Lime Pie, and Hagendaaz Ice Cream are everywhere we look...and getting me into LOTS of trouble!! (Lesson 1)

And, looking at this photo, if anyone wants to recommend a wrinkle cream, I'm open to suggestions!

Another thing I found out this week is that while spiders, beetles, etc., at home are no big deal-I have a (weird) fear of Iguanas. Thankfully, it was nearly our last day when this guy and, later, his bigger, buffer, HUGER, oranger buddy, showed up. Yikes. I did not go out on our deck again. Yes-logically, I know..they are herbivores; they are more scared of me than I am of them...but yuck. Here's a (laughable) visual.

I am in our room and see this guy strolling past the door. I call Steve, who is right outside the door, but with his back to the iguana. I forget that there is no phone service in the hotel room. So I start knocking on the window but it is tinted. Steve can hear me but not see me and thinks something is wrong. So walks right next to the iguana because he's focused on my knocking (which is becoming pounding!)

It was time to move on to the next resort on our trip, and there were no iguana's insight (I'm sure they were there, but out of view.) Ahh, relaxation returns. Until the next stop, where the iguanas hang out up in the trees, and they make this guy look like a BABY! Yikes.

Anyway, here's the next thing learned. Even with only a carry-on bag and my personal bag (which is adorable), I still overpacked. I did not need t-shirts, I only wore tank tops and a light cardigan if it was chilly, I didn't need four sweaters...(duh, I should've known that), and I only needed one pen for the whole trip. Not a bag full of pens, pencils, highlighters, and an eraser.

Keep learning, reading, and being happy!



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