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Discovering the Nightingale by Traci Borum

Discovering the Nightingale is about life-long friendship, and the events of friendships through the years. First loves, marriage, careers, death, joy, and sadness.

Small town, Chilton Crosse is the home to school teacher Chelsea, her best friend, Rachel, also a teacher and Rachel's husband, Michael, the Vicar.

The town is welcoming to all and feels like home to Chelsea, who is back after being away for several years. She is living in the cottage where she grew up, has her childhood dog, and is happy. She misses her dad who has passed away, but she knows how much he loved her. She was a bit of a "daddy's girl" and she wishes she and her mother were closer.

Rachel and Chelsea have been best friends for years and they are thrilled to both be living in Chilton Crosse again and working at the same school. When Rachel's father-in-law passes away, the women both wonder if it will bring Luka, Michael's younger brother, back home.

Luka left with no explanation sixteen years ago. He broke Chelsea's heart. They had future plans, they were in love—at least that's what Chelsea had thought. Then, he was just gone from her life. The pain was almost too much to bear.

When Luka is seen at the burial and about town, Chelsea has to wrestle with how she feels. She knows how much he hurt her and she can't let him back into her life. But, when the town needs help with the Festival and Luka is the perfect person for the job, they are together more than Chelsea would like. Will he ever reveal why he left?

"Discovering the Nightingale is a really well-written clean romance. The characters are very likable, the storylines are believable, and you can feel the emotions of the people in the book. Highly recommended! I enjoyed every minute and every encounter of trying to figure out Luka and Chelsea!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Thank you to Hidden Gems for this book to read and review.

This book review contains an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission from your purchase.


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