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Everyone Loves a Snow Day!

I remember when I was a kid and there was snow in the forecast.

We would stay up later than we should and anxiously watch names of schools scroll across the bottom of the TV screen to see if ours was listed. If we didn't see our school listed, we'd go to bed with our feet scuffing across the carpet, disappointed. But, we still had hope the radio announcer might say it in the morning.

If it was announced, THE JOY!

Who else remembers those magical days? Maybe sleeping late, eating breakfast watching TV, then bundling up until you can hardly move to go sledding! Our house was at the top of a hill! We could go sledding on the hill or on the driveway. If Dad had plowed already, we might go faster on the driveway than staying on top of the deep snow.

One year, we nearly had a sledding disaster! I'll save that story for when we have a huge MN snowfall! But, here are a couple of hints...huge snowbanks and the roof of the barns addition.

Any guesses?

Oh, I'll add that my parents didn't know about this near catastrophe until just a few years ago!

Enjoy the snow, or the day, wherever you are!

This pic was taken before our huge snow storm yesterday! Now we have 6 inches and strong winds!


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