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“Eye See You” by Lisa Caprelli

Unicorn Jazz-Eye See You

Unicorn Jazz- “Eye See You” by Lisa Caprelli

“Eye See You” by Lisa Caprelli

“Lisa Caprelli continues to write books that both kids and parents will love! The messages in the “Unicorn Jazz” series are great for early learners and wonderful reminders for all ages!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

“Eye See You” focuses on Choosing Kindness Over Bullying-a reminder everyone needs sometimes! The book has colorful illustrations that kids will love, as they see their favorite characters again and get to meet new friends!

Unicorn Jazz and Woof have been friends for a long time. In this book, Woof, the Crow, tells his story about getting glasses. He could not see well and his new glasses helped a lot! He was happy to be able to see so well. But, when he got to school, everyone was looking at him and some kids were bullies! They called him “Four Eyes” and it made Woof feel sad.

Bee Happy heard what happened and helped Woof to feel bold and brave! Bee Happy is a good friend. The next day, when the bully said something unkind to Woof, Woof had a choice to make and he chose to BE KIND. Soon, they were friends again!

Bring Unicorn Jazz and Friends into your home for books with great lessons, colorful illustrations, and animal friends your kids will love. This book introduces new characters like Asia the Flamingo, a narwhal, butterfly a rabbit that the author uses to bring personality and a fun way for children to relate to the stories with positive messages and lessons.

Your kids will read the books to read over and over again! Check out the first book, “Unicorn Jazz.” There are also great songs to go with the book series!

Challenge your kids to find things on different pages! Can they find the snail who says, “Wait for Me!”? Teach them the words in Spanish! What do the letters on the Eye Test Chart say? So many fun things – see what you can find!

“Eye See You” by Lisa Caprelli

Unicorn Jazz is a children’s book series by Author Lisa Caprelli; illustrated by Davey Villalobos

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Thank you to the Author for this great book!

You can order it here! (Commissioned link)


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