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"Eyes on You" by Kate White

"I really enjoyed Eyes on You! I had several theories along the way of who was behind the threats, but didn’t figure it out until just before it was revealed, and I thought I had to be wrong! Great book, well done! All of the character descriptions fit well and the book flowed at a fast pace!"

- Books and Pens on Green Gables

Robin finally has what she's wanted for a long time. It was hard work, but she's finally back where she wants to be! Her highly anticipated book is about to launch, she's the co-anchor on a top news show, she and Carter Brooks, her co-anchor have a great rapport and life is finally amazing again, as it is meant to be.

Her friend, Bettina, has really outdone herself at the book's launch party. Hosted in Bettina’s gorgeous apartment with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson with thousands of lights from the city shining in the distance, everything was stunning. And, Bettina made sure the people there were the right people to attend the launch. Robin just wishes Vicky, from work, an anchor in a different show, hadn't been invited, but she's needed for part of Bettina’s publicity cause.

Robin soon finds herself autographing books and having a wonderful time. She deserves this after her tough few tears.

Bettina is ready to toast Robin. She opens her bag to get her notecards-she doesn't want to forget to thank anyone-and can't believe it. Her note cards have “You evil little … You’ll get yours.” angrily scrawled across them. A threat? Who would do this? And why, here at her launch party with these supporters? Somehow she fumbles through her speech with the note cards quickly hidden away in her purse.

More strange things begin occurring and with encouragement from trusted coworkers, Carter, her co-anchor and Ann, her friend and PR director for the station, she considers going to company security. But decides to wait. After she is yelled at by a coworker, and something even more threatening happens she knows she must get help. Things have gone too far, with the latest threat.

Can station security keep Robin safe? And can she discover who is terrorizing her on her own since security is moving so slowly? Then, something dreadful happens on set. Can anyone save her now or is it too late?

I was given Eyes on You to read and review! Thank you!

(This post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase the book using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you)


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