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Fight for the Blue Planet – by Derek Corney

Fight for the Blue Planet – by Derek Corney - Book Cover

Fight for the Blue Planet – by Derek Corney This book is in the Top 50 in Science Fiction Adventure!

This book “Fight for the Blue Planet” would be a great book for your late elementary or younger middle school reader who loves adventure. It is well written, descriptive and just good clean reading for todays kids! A great book for kids to use their imaginations. Shak-Shak, Lee-Lee and Sim-Sim may be names you start hearing around your house after your kids read this fun book. Highly recommended if your child is looking for something fun to read this summer~Janell @ Green Gables Book Reviews

Twelve year old Timmy and twins Adam and Salma, 8, find themselves in an adventure of helping save the Earth from the invasion by the Targ. The Earth has something the warlike people from another galaxy desparately need and the kids have been called upon by Shak-Shak to help save our planet. The kids have been given special abilities to use in the fight.

Facing many challenges and a few scary moments, the kids meet new friends along the way to help in their quest and they learn to use their new abilities to keep themselves and the Earth safe. They learn to count on each other and they cheer each other on.

Written is a fun lighthearted way, your kids will love to go on this adventure with their new friends, Timmy, Adam, Salma!

Get the book using this link! (As an Amazon Associate, I can earn money through qualifying purchases.)


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