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"For What It's Worth" by Jo Preston

Congratulations, Jo Preston! Enjoy every moment of today! For What It's Worth, available today!

About the book:

After a video of his singing goes viral, Carter Kennedy is an overnight sensation. He should be on cloud nine, instead he's on heartbreak island.

There’s a girl he can’t get over, so it’s time to get under someone else.

Enter Sydney Buyer. She’s the perfect woman for the job. She’s funny and sexy, but instead of relief, all he's left with is a black eye a bruised ego to match.

Carter swears off women and focuses on his career until Sydney waltzes back into his life and into his car, a year later for a road trip.

Fiercely independent, Sydney has walls built around her heart for a reason and the last thing she needs is to be stuck for a week with this charming and devastatingly handsome rockstar in the making.

The more time they spend together the more unmistakable their attraction to each other is. With Carter's resolve to win Sydney over growing every day, things heat up pretty quick.

But will Sydney be able to let her guards down to let him in? Or will her past catch up with her and destroy everything they've built?

I haven't read this book yet, but it sounds like a fun one!! Available today! Enjoy!


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