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Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King

"Powerful, sad, and brave."- Books and Pens on Green Gables

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King

"Powerful, sad, and brave. Follow Glory on her journey from a young girl with an abusive mother to marrying the man who rescued her. But did he?"-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Glory got tricked into getting married to a boy she didn't like when she was five years old. It was the boy next door. And she took it seriously. Until her daddy explained she wasn't really married. Glory's daddy was her hero. He kept her safe from her mother, Mary.

Mary thought anytime Glory was disrepectful, made a bad decision, or just made Mary mad that she needed to be beaten. Her dad put a stop to it. Until he died.

The abuse Glory endured was beyond anything imaginable. Then, she was rescued by Malcolm, a pastor at their church. They were secretly engaged-needing to keep it hidden until she was 18.

When Malcolm rescued Glory, she lived with his mother who took care of her and made her feel loved for the first time as a daughter should. She was allowed to wear beautiful clothes and for the first time and she felt like she belonged. Until Malcolm stepped in.

Did Malcolm really save her?

I was given this five star book to read and review.

You can purchase using my affliate link. I may earn a small comission from your purchase.

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King


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