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Golddigger by Kathleen Morris

A must-read book!

Oh my gosh!

If I lived in the same time period as Nellie Cashman, I would have felt honored if I had ever met her. What an amazing life and a genuinely good person!

Kathleen Morris did an incredible job researching and writing this book. It was so fun to see photos at the end of the book. Hearing about Nellie and her non-traditional life was very entertaining, and not only was her life non-traditional for a female, but it was also dangerous. But she took the paths she took and made the choices that she did mostly to benefit others.

The book had one quote I really liked. "As they say, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."-Nellie Cashman.

From caring for individuals to her sister's children and to her beloved dogs, Nellie Cashman was someone that was genuine and as pure as the gold that she mined.

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