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Happy Days by Clare Hawken

Just released! Feb 3, 2023!

I was thrilled when Clare Hawken asked me to read and review Happy Days. I loved her book, Jane’s Away-if you haven‘t read it, do. It is realistic, well-written, and has some things in it that we may all face, and it has Alfie-a favorite character, who has a small role in this book, too! See the review here.

On to Happy Days - I loved the writing style and the storyline. Clare Hawken has a writing style that I enjoy- easy to read with a flow that always works for the reader. Even though I totally disagreed with a character in Happy Days, I still loved the book!

Steph is married to Dan and their only child has just left for college and life is great…err, rather…well, humdrum and a bit stale. They’re happy, Steph thinks, but, you know. Where’s the spark?

So when a new teacher arrives at Steph‘s school she is beyond shocked when he enter the teachers lounge. It is her former boyfriend from college, the one who literally broke her heart. In fact, it was Dan, her husband, that put her heart back together again. The emotions she feels toward Charles are normal, right, that pitter-patter, he was her first love after all.

Does she tell Dan about Charles? Can she avoid her feelings? What if…well, Charles is divorced now, maybe they are meant to be? Maybe…

What will Steph do? Will she stay with her loving, honest husband Dan, who has seen her through life’s trials? Or, will she give in to the “what-if’s” of life and risk her marriage, her relationship with her son, and her career?

Pick up this five-star book today!



Thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Clare

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