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Her Perfect Secret by T.J. Brearton

This book is FABULOUS!!

Her Perfect Secret is my first T.J. Brearton book and it left me wanting more! I read it in one day! I’ll be scooping up more books by this fantastic author! And the selection to pick from looks AMAZING!” -Books and Pens on Green Gables

Joni and Michael decided to surprise her parents with their big announcement when they got to the family’s lakeside vacation home. They’re engaged!! Her parents are definitely surprised, since they’ve never met Michael. But, Emily, Dr. Lindman, hides her wariness by heading inside to make drinks to toast Joni and MIchael’s engagement. The problem is, she isn’t just wary because of the announcement. She is shaken because she recognizes Michael as a former patient named Tom. She knows it’s him. She could never forget the young boy that the police asked her to work with as a psychotherapist after his father was brutally murdered. All of the circumstances surrounding the case begin to haunt Emily as she remembers. As Emily and her husband, Paul spend more time with the couple, she is more sure it is Tom. How can this be? Why is he calling himself Michael and how did he and Joni connect? The story of meeting at college seems logical enough, but Emily just doesn’t buy it. His mother, Laura Bishop, in jail for the murder of Tom’s father, has to be behind this. She must be trying to get even with Emily for her role in Tom’s therapy and Laura’s eventual jail sentence. Emily realizes she has to know more about the past fifteen years and what has gone on since the brutal murder. She contacts her friend, Frank, and finds out something she never expected. Is her family safe with Michael in the house? Is he there because of Emily’s role in the case? How can she warn Joni and keep within her ethical boundaries? And, is MIchael the only one to fear?

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Incredible book! Five BIG stars! Highly recommended!

I was given Her Perfect Secret as an early release book to read and review. And, it was great!!!


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