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"His Small-Town Girl" by Lacy Williams

Books and Pens on Green Gables thoughts:

A sweet, clean small town “the boy might be falling for the girl” book is sometimes all you need. His Small-Town Girl is the perfect choice!

Author Lacy Williams has a way of drawing you in quickly. Her writing style is perfect, taking you through the story, like a friend is telling you what happened. Loved this book! Highly recommended! 5/5

(This post contains an affiliate link. If you choose to order the book using the affiliate link, I may earn a small commission, but it is at no extra cost to you. Thank you.)

About His Small-Town Girl:

Cord had to return to the place he never wanted to be again. The No Name Ranch, where Cord and his brother lived with their grandmother as kids, has nothing but bad memories for him. He had no way of knowing the poor condition his grandmother left the No Name in when she died, until he got there. His goal is fix it up, sell it, and forget about it. The faster he can get back to his life, the better. He wants to be away from this town and the memories as soon as possible.

Molly shows up when her truck breaks down in the No Name’s driveway. When she walks up to where Cord is working, all he wants is for her to leave. But, she can’t go anywhere with a truck that won’t run. Cord thinks he might see a faded bruise by this girls jaw. Cord doesn’t know it, but Molly is in hiding. She’s afraid and needs somewhere to hide. But, Cord’s only focus is getting the No Name sold. Can Molly convince him to let her stay? And if she does stay, will she be safe in the small town that drove Cord away?

BONUS-Check out the book trailer on Lacy Williams website! So cool!!

I was given His Small-Town Girl to read and review. Thank you, I truly loved it!


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