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I Take This Woman – by Suzy K Quinn

I Take This Woman – by Suzy K Quinn

I Take This Woman – by Suzy K Quinn

“I Take This Woman” by Suzy K Quinn.

First, I love the cover, so simple and understated. And the book inside? Wow. The first page had me hooked!! It is written in a style I really like, with each chapter written from a different persons perspective.

This is not a warm and fuzzy book. This is a look into the dark world of sex trafficking. This is well written, with a rawness that add to the reality of what is being read. Our world can be a scary place, I’m so glad I live in a safe place.

Great, great book! Hard to put down. 5 stars!-Janell at Green Gables Book Reviews

“I Take This Woman” is a book that is written from the perspective of several different people. Ruby is a documentary writer and she has discovered a dark world, where Thai brides are missing, and three have been killed on their first wedding anniversary. She decides to take this on as an investigation, not only to try to save other young Thai brides, but also to try to save her job. She discovers all the brides were married through the same agency. Mae is a missing bride and her 1 year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. Can Ruby find her and save her, with help from Anders? And, is Anders who he seems? Ruby wants to trust him but isn’t sure if she should.

Add this book to your to be read list-you won’t be disappointed!

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