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Ice Cold Murder by Michels Pariza Wacek

I love cozy mysteries. Ice Cold Murder, in my opinion, is a cozy mystery on the verge of suspense. I really enjoyed it! I like the writers style and realistic approach to the plot. I live in snowy Minnesota, so the snowstorm, snowed-in, lost power, roads not plowed-can't go anywhere, need a fire in the fireplace concepts were all real to me and perfectly done!

When a grandmother dies and requested her somewhat estranged family gather together one last weekend for the reading of the will at her "haunted" second home, they all go. Granddaughter, Claire, does not want to go alone, but has a young daughter and know the haunted old house is not a place for her little girl. So, her husband stays home with their daughter and Claire asks her friend Charlie to come along. Believe it or not, Charlie also lives in a haunted house and is happy to help her friend through a potentially difficult weekend with a group of people she feels alone with.

Claire's sister, Amelia, starts complaining the minute they arrive; they're later than planned, she didn't know Claire was bringing a guest, on and on. Then, when Lucy walks in, also with a guest, Charlie is surprised that she knows him.

All but one person has finally arrived and the snow drifts are getting bigger. They still need fire for the fireplace to get settled in and cozy, when the power goes out. The men go to inspect the fusebox, while Claire and Amelia go to get wood. What they find in the woodshed makes the haunted house even more spooky!

Great book! Fun mystery! Highly recommended!

Thanks to BookSirens for giving me this book to read and review!

This review contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission.


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