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“In the Nick of Time” by Deedee Cummings and Charlene Mosely

“In the Nick of Time” written by Deedee Cummings and illustrated by Charlene Mosley

“In the Nick of Time” is a book written with lessons that fit todays world and with todays kids. A book that can be read with kids and teens alike! Read this now to make a happy difference before Christmas in your child’s life! 5 stars!- Green Gables Book Reviews

Nick has really gotten into his video games lately and his words have become careless. His Mom has warned him, but he’s continuing with his careless words and attitude. When he gets annoyed with the postal worker for delivering a letter to the wrong address, everything changes. Was the letter really delivered by mistake? Or was it delivered to Nick Saint to help him learn about what life is like for others who are less fortunate and might not have a great Christmas like Nick is looking forward to?

“In the Nick of Time” is a book about learning to have compassion for others, teaching awareness of others situations and learning that doing things to help others can make you feel really great!

Highly recommended to read with your whole family before Christmas!

  1. Publisher: Male A Way Media, LLC (October 4, 2019)

  2. ISBN-10: 1951218205

  3. ISBN-13: 978-1951218201


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