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Lake Season (A Bluebell Inn Romance, Book 1) by Denise Hunter

Lake Season” by Denise Hunter available November 12, 2019

Levi, Molly and Grace are mourning the devastating deaths of their parents in “Lake Season” by Denise Hunter. What do they do now? Grace is still in high school, Levi has a job and his own life and Molly is nearly finished with college. They have a lot of decisions to make. Do they sell the house-make Grace move and leave her friends to go to school in a strange town? How can they make this work for each of them?

They quickly realize they cannot stand another loss in selling their family home. They decide to work together and finish what their parents started. They will all stay together and work together to make the house the Bluebell Inn, as their parents had dreamed of. They know it will be a big commitment, and they know it is the right thing to do. When Molly finds a letter that was lost years ago during the renovation, no one knew the ripple effects it would cause.

Whoever knew that a stranger walking through the door to the Bluebell Inn could have such an impact on Molly’s life? A person that she shares the mystery of the letter with, has feelings for, is hurt by, but that she cannot get out of her mind? Could Molly and Author Adam’s lives have intersected for a reason? Such a great story, a heartwarming, clean romance, with a small-town feel. I loved this story! 5 stars!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read “Lake Season” before its release date!

“Lake Season” by Denise Hunter


Published by-Thomas Nelson

Sold by-HarperCollins Publishing

Release Date-November 12, 2019

You can get your copy here, along with my favorite Cold Brew Coffee! (as an Amazon Associate, I may get a commission from your purchase. Thank you!)


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