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Last Summer – by Kerry Lonsdale

Last Summer – by Kerry Lonsdale

Last Summer – by Kerry Lonsdale

I really liked this book! It took me to many different places in my brain. I was sad, I was confused, I was shocked, angry and in disbelief! With all of those emotions, how could it be anything but really great?! I think you will enjoy it, too! Comes out July 9! Let me know if you read it.~Janell @ Green Gables Book Reviews

Ella wakes up in a strange place. Where is she? What are these strange smells? The smell of food makes her feels sick. She’s in pain. Her stomach, her wrist. Pain. Why?

Damien is there. Why is he so upset? Ella can’t remember, but she was in a car accident. He is frustrated with her. Is she dreaming? Was she really in a car accident? What is Damien talking about? Who’s Simon? Wait…she was pregnant? Their unborn baby didn’t survive the car accident? What is he talking about? Why is he so frustrated with her? He says, “You were never supposed to forget Simon.”

The Doctor comes, asks about what she remembers last. She remembers making dinner, pork chops. Damien came home, he said, “We have to talk.” She doesn’t say out loud that she remembers that. The Doctor calls this Selective Memory Loss. Give it time, Ella.

Months go by, no memories return. She and Damien have been in love since they first met and now things are different, there’s a distance.

They still haven’t talked about Simon. She gets a call. It’s time to get back to work. She jumps at the chance. She hasn’t told her boss about her memory loss. She can handle this interview. She’s interviewed so many people. She remembers all those interviews. Why doesn’t she remember this person? Where are her notes from when she interviewed Nathan Donovan before?

Damien wants her to go to London with him and ditch the interview.

She wonders if going to do this interview might help her memory. A little time away. Get back to what she loves to do. She goes, when she arrives, Nathan knows more about her than she knows about him. She’s curious about why she’s shared so much about herself with him. In hopes of jogging her memory, Ella goes with him on his adventures in the Sierra Nevada, snowmobiling and a trip to Alaska. It is all to get the interview she needs for her magazine, right? Is there more that she is looking for? Is it really all about getting the interview?

Maybe there are somethings she doesn’t really want to know. Maybe some things might be best left forgotten.

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