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Lena’s Happiness Secrets by Nilay Erdem

“Lena’s Happiness Secrets” Mindful Moments and Meditation with your Kid -by Nilay Erdem

Lena is a very happy girl! She is learning all about herself! She is happy because she can see beautiful colors! She can taste yummy foods and they smell so good. She can wave to her friends, and count on her fingers and feels soft thing. Lena is happy and wants to spread her happiness!

Do you want to be happy, too? You can spread Lena’s happiness and your own happiness! Lena will teach you! Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. You will feel happiness and you can spread it everywhere, just like Lena! Spread your happiness and spread your light to everyone!

In “Lena’s Happiness Secret, ” Author Nilay Erdem has made a wonderful guide for parents to start teaching Mindful Moments and Meditation their young children. A positive guide with great illustrations. A book kids will want to read again and again with mindfulness ideas parents can easily put to use!-Green Gables Book Reviews

“Lena’s Happiness Secrets” by Nilay Erdem

Published-Independently Published

Published-August 29, 2019

You can order the book here from Amazon! As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission from your purchase. Thank you!-Green Gables Book Reviews


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