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Look at this June book line-up!

Hi, Book Friends!

So May got BUSY! I had great books to read but overscheduled myself with other freelance projects that came up.

So, new plan! For June, I have only scheduled ten books to read and review. That way, I can easily fit them in with my freelance work projects.

Ready for the line-up?! I'm posting links here (if available) to purchase the books if you want to read along!

(these may not be listed in the order I read them, and I may earn a small commission from your purchase.)


The Resentment

Iris in the Dark

And There He Kept Her -

The Other Guest -

You Only Live Once

The Speed of Light


Forever Sheriff

If time allows:

Wise Up


Hot Bed

Primed for Vengeance

The Friendship Pact

Do you plan to read along? Which titles?

I have one May book left to finish-The, Latecomer.

Then, I'll start

Iris in the Dark and The Speed of Light. Here are the blurbs!

THE SPEED OF LIGHT by Elissa Grossell Dickey

A compelling and provocative debut novel told in intersecting timelines over a tumultuous, defining year in one woman’s life.

Simone is trying her best not to think of what she’s lost. Diagnosed with MS, she awaits the results of another anxiety-inducing MRI. She’s just walked away from Connor, “a fixer” but possibly the love of her life. And nearing the holidays, the sights and sounds of winter in South Dakota only prick memories of better years gone by. Then, on a December morning at the university where she works, jarring gunshots pierce the halls. In a temporary safe place and terrified, Simone listens and pretends this will all be over soon.

As she waits for silence, her mind racing, Simone’s past year comes into focus. Falling in love and missing it. Finding strength in family and enduring friendships. Planning for the future, fearing it, and hoping against hope in dark places. Her life has been changing at the speed of light, and each crossroad brought Simone here, to this day, to endure the things she can’t control and to confront those that she can.

IRIS IN THE DARK by Elissa Grossell Dickey

A single mother faces her worst fear—the past—in a provocative novel of suspense by the author of The Speed of Light.

Iris Jenkins knows that bad things happen. She’s tried to escape these things for years. So when Iris is entrusted to house-sit at a lodge on the South Dakota prairie, she thinks she’s prepared for anything.

But one surprise is Sawyer Jones, the property’s neighbor and caretaker. He’s a caring, reassuring presence who’s making her feel safe and alive again. Then late one night, Iris hears a chilling cry for help coming from a walkie-talkie buried in a box of toys. As the calls get more desperate, personal, and menacing, Iris realizes the person on the other end isn’t reaching out for help. They’re reaching out to terrorize her.

Now the only way for Iris to move forward in life is to confront the past she’s been running from…a threat that has now followed her into the dark.


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