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“Lost Girl” by Holly Kammier ~”A Shelby Day Novel”

"Lost Girl" by Holly Kammier

“Lost Girl-A Shelby Day Novel” by Holly Kammier

Holly Kammier is an Author that does not disappoint! I’m excited to take a peek at her other books! When you start “Lost Girl,” you’ll be hooked!-Green Gables Book Reviews

If you like excitement, the prologue will take you there in “Lost Girl,” by Holly Kammier. When a book starts with the main character tied to a chair with blood dripping from her temple, you know the pages you read in the next several hours will be great!

Shelby is a news reporter, trying to prove herself to the world. More importantly, trying to prove herself to her parents. She’s put herself in awkward situations more than once, for the sake of the story.

This latest breaking news story might be exactly what her career needs and Jack, her cameraman always makes sure she is looking her best. The story tonight is gruesome. How did this happen in their small Oregon town? And, two murders on Halloween night in their small town is even more strange. Who would have done this to these young women and why?

As an Investigative Reporter Shelby is determined to find out what happened to these young women, even if it means putting herself in danger.

When Shelby starts to realize things are taking a turn, she makes a few decisions about the investigation without letting the news station know the whole story.

Has Shelby just made a decision that will end her life?

Well done, an easy to read format, great story!

  1. Series: A Shelby Day Series (Book 1) Paperback: 291 pages

  2. Publisher: Acorn Publishing (December 18, 2019)

  3. Language: English

  4. ISBN-10: 1947392573

  5. ISBN-13: 978-1947392571

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