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Love Starts Here by Traci Borum

Sometimes life brings you unexpected things.

Traci Borum has written another great book! With a delightful setting, great characters, small-town friendships, and learning about family, Love Starts Here is a five-star win!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Best-selling author Jill is frustrated. She can’t seem to find her writing zone and every idea she comes up with fails her. She needs to get back to writing! She misses it, and her bank account needs it, too! Jill happily agrees when her friend, Miranda, magazine editor, calls with a story idea about genealogy. She’s worked for the magazine in the past and loves the human-interest-type stories they have assigned to her. When Jill’s best friend and roommate, Lindsey, reminds her of the DNA kit Jill got as a gift, it seems to be the perfect jump-start for her article. Especially a few weeks later when Jill gets the results.

Jill doesn’t know much about her family, especially her dad’s side. And Jill’s mom is always away traveling, so Jill and her mom are not very close. When the DNA test returns and Jill finds out her dad’s family, generations back, founded a town in Texas – she knows learning about it will be perfect for her article.

Jill takes a road trip from her apartment in Denver to Morgan’s Grove, Texas. When she first arrives, she loves the small-town charm! Unfortunately, when she goes to her B&B, there’s been a mix-up, and the reservation isn’t for that night. With nowhere to stay, the helpful person at the front desk makes a call, and soon Jill is driving up to a beautiful home that has an over-the-garage apartment available. It is lovely, and so is Lucille, the owner. They become friends right away, and Lucille truly makes Jill feel at home. There are even fresh baked cookies!

Jill soon finds herself immersed in the town, learning about her ancestors, exploring their mansion and the town’s history. And, she and Lucille come up with fun a new adventure. Rick, Lucille’s handsome grandson, comes to visit and is not as excited about the adventure as Lucille and Jill are, but is so busy with his own work that he agrees to a trial run.

When Jill overhears Rick on the phone, she becomes worried. Something is happening, but he won’t share what it is. Can she help him? Can she and Lucille make their project be successful? And what will her new friends think when they find out she is writing an article?

Add Love Starts Here by Traci Borum to your TBR! It’s like sitting with a friend, enjoying a cup of coffee, and sharing about your vacation!

Thank you to the author for giving me this fabulous book to read and review!

This review contains an affiliate link. If you use the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you.


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