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Lulu and Pebbles by Reena Pagnoni

Your kids will love Lulu and Pebbles!

Lulu and Pebbles by Reena Pagnoni

Unicorns and ponies! What kid hasn't loved unicorns and ponies at some point? Who hasn't longed for their very own animal to love? Lulu wants a unicorn more than anything and has wished for one - and asked for one- forever! Now, her birthday is coming up, and she saw "a look" between her mom and dad. Could it mean she's finally getting her unicorn?

When she sees her gifts, none of them are unicorn sized...hmmm. But Lulu is still thinking about that look between her parents. Then, she opens her last gift, and it's not a unicorn, but....!!!

Soon the family is on their way to pick up Lulu's gift. It's a pony! But, when Lulu meets Pebbles, a big worry sets in. Pebbles doesn't seem to like her. What can Lulu do?

This is SUCH a sweet story that kids will love! It covers many important topics-responsibility, being honest about your feelings, nervousness, anxiety, and patience. A great new book for kids! - Books and Pens on Green Gables


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