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Marcello’s Promise by Jane Coletti Perry

Marcello’s Promise” by Jane Coletti Perry

In “Marcello’s Promise,” Jane Coletti Perry has written a beautiful piece of one family’s history that that could be the history of many families in the US today. Beautifully written, wonderful characters, very realistic. So well done. Highly recommended. 5 stars!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Marcello has dreamed of going to America for a long time. The time has arrived! He knows that when he says goodbye to his parents, he will never see them again. But what pains him, even more, is saying goodbye to his beautiful wife, Luisa and their baby, Tony. He knows through his hard work he will soon have enough money to send for them.

In their time apart, Luisa lives for receiving his letters, as she grows closer to his parents, who she and Tony live with. When tragedy strikes, during their time apart, Marcello’s parents help her through her pain and help her to live again.

Soon, it is Luisa and Tony’s time to make the long and difficult journey from Italy to America. It is harder than Luisa expected and she is met with many fears along the way.

She and Marcello are finally together. They can finally begin their life again in the mining town where he has been working hard to make a home in time for Luisa and Tony’s arrival. They are so happy to be together but end up facing life-changing events together that they would never have imagined. Sorrow, joy, fear, and uncertainty are emotions they must face together during a dangerous time in Wyoming.

“Marcello’s Promise” by Jane Coletti Perry


Publisher: Five Star Publishing; 001 edition (December 18, 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1432858254

ISBN-13: 978-1432858254

This book releases December 18, 2019. Pre-order here! (Commissioned link)

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