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Me & My Shadow by Deborah Stone

Me & My Shadow by Deborah Stone

A deeply emotional book, with Rachel telling her life story to her psychiatrist, Dr. Blake, beginning with the day everything changed when she was four years old and her baby sister, Catherine, appeared in their home. From Rachel’s viewpoint, her life was ruined that day, as her parents brushed her aside to attend to all of Catherine’s needs. They felt Catherine was fragile, never mind that Rachel needed them. This set a tone for all of Rachel’s life. Catherine was the favored child and was catered to by their parents, who never saw through her acts of helplessness.

As Rachel grew older, the distance from her family also grew. She did take her boyfriend home to meet them because she felt like they had a future together. But, after that, her boyfriend started to grow distant, and Rachel was shocked by the reason.

As Rachel continues telling Dr. Blake her story, we learn that she separated herself entirely from her family. She fell into some tough and devastating times on her own. Eventually, working hard to pull herself together.

One day, she catches a glimpse of someone she thinks she recognizes. Could it be someone from her family after all of these years?

“Great book, deeply reflective, with highs and lows. Me & My Shadow by Deborah Stone is highly recommended!”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

I was given Me & My Shadow to read and review. Thank you!


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