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Milton the Mouse – by Janice E. Kirk

Milton the Mouse – by Janice E. Kirk

Milton the Mouse – by Janice E. Kirk

Milton the Mouse by Janice E. Kirk is a story that was mailed to me by Blue Cottage Agency on behalf of the Author. I enjoyed this cute story! I think the perfect audience would be Elementary age kids. I kind of wish school was still in session to read it to a group of young students!-Janell

Milton the Mouse is a really cute story. It starts out as a family is on the last night of their camping trip and Milton ends up in their vehicle. Before long he is in Mom’s purse and ends up in their house. This is a fun story about trying to keep Milton as a pet mouse, and the adventures of trying to get him into a cage, trying to keep him safe from Bertha, and learning about his love for music. I liked when the Author shared the dialogue of what Milton was saying in response to things happening around him. I found myself wanting to read more of his thoughts. Milton is a fun character in this story.

The Author has added great facts at the end of the book that go with the story-facts about White-Footed Deer Mice, composer Ludwig Van Beethoven and Poet John Milton.

I think this is a story that would hold the interest of the kids listening to it, or ones that are reading it themselves.

If you need a book for an Elementary age child, this might be one to get!

Get your copy of “Milton the Mouse!”

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