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More Book Gift Package Ideas-Kids Edition

Last week, I shared some book gift package ideas for the women in your life. Today it is the kids turn!

Kids Edition Book Gift Package Ideas!

(This post contains affiliate links. Using the links to purchase items may earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

The young child with a great imagination might be a future author! Pair this book, The Book of Untold Stories by Sherri Maret with beautiful notebooks or journals, some colorful pens, and a mug for hot chocolate and your future author will be all set to write their first best-seller!

Little girls! This book is beautiful not only on the cover but inside, too. The illustrations, the rhymes, little girls will love this book's journey. How about getting them their own plush deer to read with? Take a look at this idea! The book, a plush deer and how about a princess crown? Your favorite girl will love this gift!

You Can't Scare Me! by Bonnie Grubman is a very sweet kids book that teaches an important lesson. How about pairing the book with a cute throw blanket, and a sleepover pillow friend?

This colorful pink book is filled with a little girls imagination and SHOES written by Yvette Cragun

Put this book together with fun dress up clothes for your favorite little girl to enjoy!

For your farm animal loving child, this book, Chicken Lips by Kristy Hamby will be a hit! And, look at this adorable plush farm set to put with it!

Like these ideas? Want more ideas? Tell me your favorites in the comments!


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