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Murder Book – by Frank F. Weber

Murder Book – by Frank F. Weber

Murder Book – by Frank F. Weber * Now Available

If you’re looking for a book that makes you think and try to solve the crimes before the Police can, this book is for you. I liked this book and even though I thought I “figured it out,” I didn’t… maybe you will!

Jon Frederick is a person who has not been able to live his life to the fullest. Growing up on the family farm, it was always hard to make ends meet, he felt the need to be the protector of his older mentally ill brother, Victor, and he was thought to be the murderer of his once girlfriend who disappeared. While never convicted, his life changed and he lived with those shadow, always there. Worrying about Victor and his parents has always stayed with him. He’s worked hard to get where he is today.

Jon, now a BCA officer in Minnesota, finally feels he may have a chance to figure out what actually happened to Mandy Baker all of those years ago. When a crime near his hometown is committed, Jon gets called to go help with the investigation. It does not take long to realize there are links tying this case to Mandy’s case so many years ago. Jon’s investigation also brings him back to Serena Bell, his close friend from years ago. Can Jon and the team solve this before there are more crimes? Are people close to Jon in danger because he is involved with this case? Can he keep Victor and Serena safe?

Well written and keeps you guessing!

I’ve also read The I-94 Murders by Frank F. Weber and I’ve heard he has another book coming out this Fall! I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it!

Get your copy here!

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