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My Christmas Darling – by Vivien Mayfair

My Christmas Darling - by Vivien Mayfair

My Christmas Darling – by Vivien Mayfair

“My Christmas Darling” by Vivien Mayfair is a very sweet book! The love of Christmas and the joy it brings radiates throughout the pages. You also see love and friendship in this book, and how a decision made in haste can have long term effects! I really liked this book. It is a quick, easy to follow book, with a fun storyline. It has a whimsical feel, a bit of romance and a little bit of silly, but then, of course, there has to be a couple of people in the book that are not at all in line with the Christmas spirit everyone else has!

Lucy has her own unique style, with her curves and red hair! She usually loves her life, caring for her Mom and keeping up with her friend, Heather, and going to work each day as a manuscript reader at Big Apple Books. But, lately Lucy is not feeling very festive and has lost her sparkle. She is living with hurt feelings and insecurities from a past relationship and guilt of an accident that was out of her control. And, to top it off, she is running out of money and the bills are piling up. As an escape from her worries, Lucy has spent many, many evenings in her room writing a Christmas novel. She has all her hopes pinned on her book being published, but she keeps getting rejection letters.

When Lucy’s boss asks her in their monthly meeting for a new book idea, she starts telling him ideas and ….. he does not like any of them! So, what is she to do? She makes a quick decision that goes against company policy and gives him her book, and a whole new story begins! What will happen? Will he like it? What if he does? Will Lucy get in trouble? I really enjoyed this book and reading it brought about several subtle messages and lessons that are good for all of us to be reminded of.

The Author has done a great job of writing a book about…writing a book! I am looking forward to reading more in the Snowdrop Valley Series! Look for upcoming reviews here, at Green Gables Book Reviews!

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