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"My Fake Bad Boyfriend" by Sara Whitney

"Oh, my gosh, friends! THIS BOOK!!! Loved, loved, LOVED every page of My Fake Bad Boyfriend! After I laughed out loud three times, my husband kept count. Five laugh out loud moments for me!I'd love to hear how many there are for you!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Highly recommended! 5 stars, we all need some holiday humor!

Darby St. Claire is tired of the remarks. Her family just can't seem to help themselves! She knows she's getting older, she knows most people her age are in serious relationships, she know, she know, she KNOWS!!! And, she's had it!

So, she decides to teach her family a lesson. Through a friend, she meets Gabe. They make a deal, he will be her fake boyfriend, and not only that, he'll be the worst fake boyfriend ever. They spend weeks texting and making plans; and Gabe comes up with some pretty funny things on his own to surprise Darby.

Her parents are shocked, her brother is appalled, and Darby is impressed with the bad boyfriend things Gabe came up with! Between pulling up in his old truck, carrying her own luggage, and always being at Gabe's service, Darby and Gabe are pulling it off with her family. Then, they take it up a few more notches!

But, somewhere along the way...

(commissioned link to purchase)

I was given a copy of this book to read and review.Thank you!

Loved this book! Absolutely 5 stars! Read it for some great laughs! My Fake Bad Boyfriend by Sara Whitney


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