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“My Memories of a Future Life” by Roz Morris

Roz Morris is known as a talented author and “My Memories of a Future Life” is a great example of her talent. This book kept me wondering what I was reading and at the same time pushed me to keep reading it until it all came together. Completely unpredictable, going between Carol’s life today and to another, very different, place…read it to understand.-Green Gables Book Reviews

Carol is struggling. The only thing she has ever known is causing her immense pain. she has been through tests, no Dr can find a physical problem, but Carol is in constant, jolting pain. She has been told to limit the use of her hands. Devastatingly, this means no more playing the piano, which is her life. Even picking up a set of keys seems like the most daunting task.

When Carol’s roommate Jerry asks her to go somewhere with him, she goes. To her surprise, Jerry, who struggles greatly with panic attacks, is soon on stage, with a well-known hypnotist. What comes out during the hypnosis seems to help Jerry and possibly gives him some answers he has been seeking. Carol is surprised when someone from her past is there and helps to get Jerry home safely.

Carol and Gene form a relationship. It is not really a friendship, he is not her Doctor, he is her…what? Carol really doesn’t know. But, when Gene calls her with an opportunity to still be in the world of music without playing the piano, she jumps at the chance and leaves.

If Carol had known what her relationship with Gene would become, would she have taken the risk? What is she to Gene? Am experiment? A patient? A lover? How can one be taken to a different place so easily? Carol begins questioning many things as she listens to proof of their time together. Gene’s oddly timed disappearance makes Carol begin to question everything. Is Carol safe? What does Gene know about her that she doesn’t know?

Thank you to Author Roz Morris for sending me this book!

  1. File Size: 962 KB

  2. Print Length: 368 pages

  3. Publisher: Red Season (January 7, 2014)

  4. Publication Date: January 7, 2014

  5. Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

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