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“Nikki Blue-Source of Trouble” by Jack Chaucer

"Nikki Blue- Source of Trouble" by Jack Chaucer

“Nikki Blue- Source of Trouble” by Jack Chaucer

“Nikki Blue- Source of Trouble” by Jack Chaucer

Thank you to Author Jack Chaucer for sending me his book! This is the second book of his I have read, the first was “Streaks of Blue.” You can read the review for “Streaks of Blue” here. It’s a great introduction to the second book, but I do think you could read the books as stand-alone books, too.

“Author Jack Chaucer has written another great book! I can’t wait to see where Nikki Blue’s next adventure will lead!” -Green Gables Book Reviews

Intern Nicole Janicek is on her first news story as an Intern. She’s not really sure where she is headed, but this does not look like they assignment the newspaper told her about.

Soon after, Nicole is approached by “The Bridge,” the group she had covered as an intern, with an offer she can’t turn down. She jumps at the chance to have a great life, her college paid for and a career. But, it doesn’t take long for her to be out of her comfort zone.

Confronting her past is one of her biggest fears-and when she is facing her shooter, Thomas Lee Harvey, via a computer screen, she is put to the test. It is just one of many tests the former troublemakers from the Church of Scientology will put her through.

Will Nikki’s life ever be her own again? Or is she fated to spend her life at their mercy?

  1. File Size: 944 KB

  2. Print Length: 382 pages

  3. Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1515128954

  4. Publication Date: October 9, 2015

  5. Sold by: Services LLC

  6. Language: English

  7. ASIN: B015JEO3DG

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