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“No More Words” by Kerry Lonsdale

Kerry Lonsdale has the ability to create a movie in your mind as you read her words. Every book she writes is flawless!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

“No More Words” by Kerry Lonsdale

How do you change the past? How do you live with your regrets? How do you move on when someone you love hurts you so badly-then disappeared without warning?

Olivia is ok. She really is-most days-until someone wants to get too close to her. Then, she pushes them away. Loss, guilt and anger overshadow her life. It all leads back to one question-“Where is Lily?”

Lucas was always a prankster. Such a prankster that his big sister, Olivia, has been mad at him since they were kids and he ruined their summers at the Whitman’s lakeside cabin where Olivia had found “young love” with Blaze, the Whitman’s son. Olivia knows Lucas is still struggling with events from his past and the pain caused by their father.

Lily-the youngest sister. Always treated differently by their aspiring politician Father and status-hungry Mom. Forgotten good-bye kisses as a young child, less of an allowance as a kid and always in trouble as a teen, Lily soon finds herself pregnant and faced with two choices from her parents. Adoption or abortion. So, Lily leaves and cannot be found. She sends big sister Olivia a letter once a year, with a photo of her son, Josh. Always a different postmark and never a return address.

Olivia is shocked when Lily’s son, Josh, shows up at her door. Alone. Where is Lily?

Even more shocking is that Josh cannot tell them where Lily is or how he found Olivia. In fact, he can barely speak and his words are not always right when he does talk. His words are confused. His frustration is obvious and Olivia doesn’t know what to do to help this kid. She begins to feel very protective of him, especially after his likely Aphasia diagnosis. She is more desperate than ever to find Lily and to find out the truth about why she left all those years ago.

As family secrets begin to unravel, Olivia is shocked by the things she discovers. How many lies have their parents told them? Can she find the truth for each lie and find out what really happened to Lily?

No More Words” is another perfect score for Kerry Lonsdale from the first scene all the way through to the last! I can’t wait for Book 2, “No More Lies“!-Green Gables Book Reviews

*On a personal note, Aphasia is something not often talked about, but is a devastating, demeaning, heartbreaking thing to deal with for the person affected by it and the people who love them. I struggled with mild Aphasia for a long time after my Traumatic Brain Injury. Not to the level of Josh in “No More Words”-but enough that I know his struggle and deep frustration first hand. The research Kerry Lonsdale did to be able to perfectly describe this condition is amazing. In this book, she is able to portray the deep emotions that go with Aphasia. I have personally thanked Lonsdale already for bringing awareness to this little-known condition that she explained so well.-Janell Madison

I think you’ll like *****5 star***** “No More Words” as much as I did! You can purchase it below! (I may earn a commission on your purchase-THANK YOU!)

Pre-order Book 2, “No More Lies” here! Available May, 2022.


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